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Career Counselling Services Include:

Career Counselling
Career Coaching
Career Assessment
Labor Market Analysis
Job Search Counseling and Coaching
Business Coaching (Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Freelancers)
Resume Writing Services, Including Executive Resume Writing
Outplacement Services For Terminated Employees
Executive Coaching For Career Development
Educational Counselling, Including MBA’s

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  • Do you aim to stay on (or get on) the $100K+ salary track because you work hard and want to earn a great living?
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Career Counselor and Coach

  • An Expert On How To Find Work You Love – Designated Master Career Counselor (One of the Highest Designations in North America), Certified Advanced Executive Coach, Certified Career Transition Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Career Assessment Expert, Certified Business Development & Marketing Coach
  • Author of "Roadmap to Success” – Marlene Haley joins co-authors Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard & Leading Experts
  • Media Advisor – Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines (Canada and USA)
  • Public Speaker – Career Counseling and Coaching Topics
  • Past University and College Faculty – Career Counseling Courses
  • And Yes, Marlene Loves Her Job!

With Co-Authors Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard & Leading Experts

The Road to Success


Roadmap To Success

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  • How do I achieve career happiness and fulfillment?
  • How do I determine all my career options given my existing experience (or education)?
  • How do I figure out if I should change my career path?
  • How do I make a solid career decision with confidence & certainty?
  • How do I free myself from dead end career situations?
  • How do I find new career opportunities when I can’t quit my job yet?
  • How do I pursue careers without sacrificing a good salary & my standard of living?
  • How do I measure up compared to competitors in my field?
  • How do I ensure winning in today’s tight job market?


  • Choose A New Career Path – Discover New & Exciting Careers You Don’t Even Know Exist
  • Leverage What You Already Have So You Don’t Have To Start From Scratch - Your Transferrable Skills, Knowledge & Education
  • Eliminate Career Sabotage – Move On, Get Inspired & Do Work That Makes You Come Alive
  • Land Your Dream Job – Identify Your Achievements & Be Proud Of All You Have To Offer
  • Finally, Be Happy At Work – We’ve Assisted Thousands of Clients & We Can Help You, Too

What Clients Say…

(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • “My career was driving me nuts. I wanted to change but felt trapped by money and time. I’ve taken other career testing programs and this was very clear and informative. Marlene is very helpful ... this program gave me career direction.”
  • “I was so nervous to leave the job that I had been at for 10 years. You really helped me realize how important it was to know my value and not downplay it…I ended up with a job I love, and am still at, making 35% more than what I did (plus perks). Thank you for helping me acknowledge many of the skills that I took for granted. I am truly grateful for your help in getting me to where I am now!”
  • “I wanted to let you know that I’ve landed a position with…It’s a new organization with a lot of potential for growth. I was told that I blew all the candidates out of the water. Also, they offered me the job at the top end of the salary range. Thank you for all your great coaching.”
  • “Marlene is friendly, detailed…fantastic counseling skills…The program has helped me tremendously. I’m really excited now about pursuing the career I’ve decided on and I’m sure I wouldn’t have even thought of half the careers I was interested in if I had not been exposed to them throughout our sessions…I have given your name and number to a co-worker who is in the same boat I was in…”
  • “My efforts this last week have been a little too successful! I’ve taken a position in the … field and I’m most excited. As such I will not be using our last session today as I’ve got to get to work!”

Our Difference - Top 10 Reasons We’re Consistently Chosen:

  1. Innovative: We developed the Careers You LOVE Program recently described in my book, “Roadmap to Success“, with co-authors and Deepak Chopra (“The Soul of Leadership“), Ken Blanchard (“The One Minute Manager“) and leading experts. Our career counseling and coaching program turns the seemingly complex process of career decision making into easy-to-understand steps. I will use it to help you clearly identify your career goals and land your dream job.

  2. Proven Results: We have a 25-year proven track record of helping thousands of executives and professionals who have struggled with many of the same career issues that you may be dealing with right now. In the counselling and coaching field, Marlene Haley is unique as one of the few experts in North America who has a Master’s degree in Career Counselling and achieved multi-recognition as a Designated Master Career Counselor, , Certified Executive Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer. Marlene not only has academic smarts but she truly has “walked the talk“ in keeping up with the cutting-edge developments in the career counseling and coaching field.

  3. Customized Solutions: Unlike our competitors, our career counsellor recommendations are based on best practice experience. As a small boutique career counselling and coaching company, we will partner with you to enable the achievement of your career and financial objectives through innovative solutions. Our career programs are not generic. You can count on us to customize each and every career counselor strategy based on your specific career goals to ensure fast results.

  4. State-of-The-Art Tools:We offer the most sophisticated and up-to-date career asessment tests, tools, directories and resources on the market, and they are available only to our clients and not the general public. We offer innovative alternatives to many traditional career counselor companies where generic products and services lack proper fit with your career vision.

  5. Fast Track Progress: We offer no-nonsense, no gimmicks and no fluff career counselling and coaching programs with laser focus on helping you get unstuck and into a career you love, faster than you could if you were on your own. This has been the case for many clients as they benefit from a professional relationship with us built on trust and the unique value we bring to their ongoing career advancement as they rise above the competition in their field.

  6. Holistic and Strategic: Our career counselor and coach approach is holistic and strategic. We will work with you to interconnect all aspects of your talents, transferrable skills and job experiences so that you don’t have to start from scratch. We will help you leverage all of your work background to find a truly satisfying career.

  7. Hottest Job Trends:We recognize that it takes more than identifying your passions to have a career you love. Although your passions are a good start, Marlene is not a rookie career counselor and career coach, so we’ll analyze the labor market and help you strategize so you can capitalize on the hottest career trends and land the best opportunities.

  8. Evening Appointments: We understand that as a busy executive or professional you will most likely have a tight schedule, so daytime and early evening appointments are available for your convenience. If you have urgent job offer negotiations, we will arrange “just-in-time” sessions. We take pride in providing you with a managed career coach experience where deadlines and expectations are met.

  9. Accountability: Although we don’t push a particular career counselor solution, we share best practices for career goal achievement and we set up an accountability system to move you forward at a pace that is optimal for you. To ensure your success, you also have telephone and email access to us in-between your career counselor sessions so that you never get stuck, distracted or unfocused.

  10. No Risk: A 100% money back guarantee that you will get top value out of all our career counselling and coaching services.

What Clients Say…

(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • "I ended up with 4 job offers at nearly the exact same time. When it rains, it pours, and it was all thanks to your methods! I want you to know what a huge role you played in getting me here!"
  • “I did accept the job as we were able to come to an agreement on the details. We ended up settling on ... with a 6-month review and a raise … am two weeks into the job right now and I must say that I am really enjoying it. So thank-you for all your help with the negotiation process and the testing. It was very beneficial and helped me figure out exactly what I am looking for.”
  • “I am writing this letter from the warm and pleasant beaches of Malaysia. This is one of the many places in SE Asia I have come to travel in and enjoy over the last few years, thanks to the work I now have. I have found work I love. None of this would have been possible without your coaching and guidance.”
  • “I believe it was your coaching and constructive feedback that enabled me to get the job I have now. I am proud to say that of all the people, I am the youngest by far.”
  • “In case you keep statistics, I thought I should let you know that I just got my first contract…a five-minute drive from home, it pays well … They offered me the job within 20 minutes of the interview. I got home and the phone rang. Thanks again!”


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