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  • Most client time schedules can be accommodated including early evenings - please contact the office for current appointment availability.


  • Are you an executive or professional that desires stimulating and truly interesting work?
  • Do you want to make a difference and define success in a way that is meaningful to YOU?
  • Do you aim to stay on (or get on) the $100K+ salary track because you work hard and want to earn a great living?
  • If yes, feel free to call and book a complimentary Career Counselling Strategy Session with Marlene Haley - Designated Master Career Counselor. Get expert career coaching on how to find work you love.
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  • Career Counselling and Coaching Programs - Fees vary depending on services.

  • Payment Options - We accept only credit card payments, VISA or MasterCard.

  • Outplacement Services - Most companies provide outplacement services if you are being terminated from your job. You may require special permission from your employer to use Careers You Love, Inc. for outplacement services instead of the outplacement provider assigned to you. Our customized outplacement services programs will be tailored to your specific career counseling requirements to assist you in finding exciting new job opportunities. Please note that no information about you will be released to your company and all your information is confidential. Should you have any questions about our outplacement services, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

  • Federal Government Coverage - The federal government will usually accept our career counseling and coaching services as a business expense for tax purposes. If you have an existing business or you plan to start a business, you might be able to claim our business coaching and consulting services. You will be provided with an official receipt.

What Clients Say…
(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • "Other career [professionals] that I have talked to just seemed intent on taking my money ... Thank you again, you made a real difference.“
  • "A great course and well worth the money.“
  • "Marlene, thank you ever so much. Very worth it.“
  • "It turns out that after one year, your resume still gets me interviews to say the least, and it gives me the credit I deserve.“
  • "I got the job! … I'm really excited ... Thanks for all your help - it was well worth the investment!“