I Love My Job!

The testimonials found throughout the Careers You Love, Inc. website are grouped below for your convenience. In the past, many clients have requested a list of testimonials for the purpose of getting corporate funding for career management services or outplacement consultation. So, here it is.

Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected.



  • "My career was driving me nuts. I wanted to change but felt trapped by money and time. Iâ��ve taken other career testing programs and this was very clear and informative. Marlene is very helpful ... this program gave me career direction."
  • "I was so nervous to leave the job that I had been at for 10 years. You really helped me realize how important it was to know my value and not downplay itâ�¦I ended up with a job I love, and am still at, making 35% more than what I did (plus perks). Thank you for helping me acknowledge many of the skills that I took for granted. I am truly grateful for your help in getting me to where I am now!"
  • "I wanted to let you know that Iâ��ve landed a position withâ�¦Itâ��s a new organization with a lot of potential for growth. I was told that I blew all the candidates out of the water. Also, they offered me the job at the top end of the salary range. Thank you for all your great coaching."
  • "Marlene is friendly, detailedâ�¦fantastic counseling skillsâ�¦The program has helped me tremendously. Iâ��m really excited now about pursuing the career Iâ��ve decided on and Iâ��m sure I wouldnâ��t have even thought of half the careers I was interested in if I had not been exposed to them throughout our sessionsâ�¦I have given your name and number to a co-worker who is in the same boat I was inâ�¦"
  • "My efforts this last week have been a little too successful! Iâ��ve taken a position in the â�¦ field and Iâ��m most excited. As such I will not be using our last session today as Iâ��ve got to get to work!"


  • "Marlene exhibits an excellent combination of wide-ranging professional knowledge together with excellent intuitive skills. My association with her has been extremely productive. One of the best!"
  • "At the end of last year we worked together and you were helping me find a job in Canada so I could join my family. I am pleased to inform you that I was successful â�¦ will be moving to Calgary next week. Many thanks for your guidance, support and advice."
  • "I truly am searching. Marlene is real / full of energy / insight. Program helped me to start thinking / start acting."
  • "I feel empowered by the tests. I've taken other programs and this one was very informative, helped me to feel there are more options, not as limited as I thought. This program gave me more of an edge."
  • "The cloud of career indecision can be cleared. Marlene is excellent."


  • "You are a very analytical person, your temperament and personality are more scientific than other career counselors who lean heavily toward a more therapeutic approach to their job. This is what I liked most about you. It is clear that you are very competent and love what you do. You are in a totally different league from other career counselors. I enjoyed working with you."
  • "Marlene - kind, caring, considerate leadership."
  • "I felt confused as to the appropriateness of my career. I now feel empowered by the well presented and laid out strategy. I've taken other career programs and this one was the best."
  • "The work you are doing is making a difference - it sure touched my soul."
  • "The approach was very customizedâ�¦I never felt like I had to switch up any of the elements that are important to me regarding career choice for the sake of practicality â�� we went through and found the perfect option for meâ�¦your listening skills were amazingâ�¦my expectations were surpassed."
  • "I am constantly telling people who care to listen the great work that we did together. I appreciate how your mind is a clear and direct arrow to clarity."
  • "Marlene is so so good… You can see that she likes her job & she is transmitting her knowledge perfectly."


Outplacement For Terminated Employees

  • "I wanted to thank you for your assistance through what was a very difficult time for me … I think I would have floundered without your positive support and guidance.“
  • "Very relevant. I feel I can become more directed and know what moves to take without doing something impulsive.“
  • "Thanks very much Marlene. You were awesome and gave me some very practical and empowering things.“
  • "Your professional insight provided clarity, support and motivation ... exactly what I needed. Your supportive feedback put me back on track, with more determination and perseverance.“
  • "I found the session today took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I feel optimistic for once!“

Teaching & Training

  • "Marlene is one of the best trainers / facilitators I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.“
  • "Marlene Haley is very competent. As a teacher myself I give her high grades.“
  • "Marlene is an extremely well informed, intuitive person who was an excellent facilitator of self-exploration and self-discovery.“
  • "Marlene Haley is an excellent speaker and very inspiring instructor.“
  • "Marlene is a top quality professional. I could not speak highly enough of the instructor, the information or the presentation. The best of many courses I have taken over the years.“

Public Speaking

  • "Marlene is very professional. Most impressive. Deserving of many standing ovations.“
  • "The success of the conference would not have been possible without your expertise and participation.“
  • "She's an excellent speaker / orator / knows her stuff.“
  • "The presenter is great! Able to avoid selling her business while generously sharing her knowledge.“
  • "She is an excellent public speaker, motivator. Very easy to follow and listen to. Makes the atmosphere very comfortable, yet energized.“


Career Coaching

  • "Just a quick note to say thanks for providing me with so much clarity regarding my possible career directions. I've given your recommendations a lot of thought and have started my action plan.“
  • "… helped me to clarify and find an approach to resolve my career indecision and frustration. Marlene is very interesting and encouraging. She stresses realism.“
  • "You supported my dream and were factual and encouraging around my doubts ... So much of your approach and many of your questions brought parts of myself that had felt fragmented or at odds back together. Thank you so much. I will remember you and our time - it was a pivotal moment among others that has led me to where I am today.“
  • "Thank-you for your enthusiasm, encouragement, caring, love, willingness to share, belief in who I am. It's been a great experience.“
  • "Prior to this program I felt confused. I've taken other career programs and this one was heart not head. Marlene Haley is very enthusiastic. This program helped me to see a possible approach and gave me a set a tools I can use.“

Career Assessment

  • "In short, I would like to say that everything from your personal assessment, methodological approach, catering to client needs, and your feedback exceeded my expectations. You know exactly what you're talking about and more people should use all your services if they want to be successful. Thanks again and keep up the good work.“
  • "I liked the holistic and creative approach - much different to previous career testing I did 20 years ago!“
  • "This program helped me to recognize my ambitions and desires regarding careers. I feel empowered by the tests, which recognized my strengths. I've taken other programs and this one was much better (more extensive). Marlene is excellent.“
  • "I did accept the job as we were able to come to an agreement on the details. We ended up settling on ... with a 6-month review and a raise … am two weeks into the job right now and I must say that I am really enjoying it. So thank-you for all your help with the negotiation process and the testing. It was very beneficial and helped me figure out what exactly I am looking for.“
  • "Marlene is very knowledgeable especially in testing and practical application.“

Labour Market

  • "I was doing some research and was trying to locate a recent study that reported what skills employers are looking for when they hire new employees. I called at least six large career firms and several government agencies. Not one of them kept records of any studies or reports! Thankfully Marlene did and I was able to find the information needed.“
  • "I want to thank you for all the coaching and information. I had no idea there were so many resources out there and now I know I can draw on them anytime if I need to in the future. I was afraid to make a move regarding my career for two years and you shook me out of that!“
  • "Marlene has a vast amount of knowledge and information and presented it in a new way. Very focused and determined. Thank you for going the extra mile!“
  • "Marlene is obviously knowledgeable about her area of expertise. She is able to answer questions in a non-technical way.“
  • "I felt lost. Marlene is well versed, lots of wonderful information, factual.“

Business Coaching

  • "Thank you so much for everything. I just wanted to give you a big hug yesterday for all you've done for me - its just the beginning of lots to come. I'm feeling so good about this whole business.“
  • "I have great news for you when we meet for our next appointment … There is a signed contract in place. I'll fill you in on the details when we meet. I would not have gotten to this place without you. Thanks Marlene.“
  • "I want to thank you very much for your help … which I feel was key to getting this contract.“
  • "I'm feeling increasingly confident, both networking and internally, feeling that I finally know what I'm doing!!! And much of that is thanks to you!“
  • "With your encouragement and direction, I set about putting my ideas to work. Thank you so much for your guidance. It was exactly what I needed to move my dreams into reality.“

Job Search

  • "I'm thrilled to inform you that in this past week (just over a month after working with you), I was offered an exciting career position. In this increasingly competitive job market you should not lose an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. I truly believe that you helped to give me that edge.“
  • "It's been 4 months now with ... and I've already received my first promotion and a pretty good pay increase ... When I was in my job search campaign under your guidance, you said I should touch base with past hiring managers, so I did that with a manager who I interviewed with 18 months ago. On my first day here I ran into him and he said he was looking at my resume again for the Logistic Manager's position. I sent him my updated resume that you worked on with me and bingo bango bongo ... I landed the job.“
  • "I believe it was your coaching and constructive feedback that enabled me to get the job I have now.“
  • "You were there for me. I really felt our partnership throughout the whole effort ... All of your suggestions for networking were useful ... Your coaching on salary was very useful on several levels … You were instrumental in getting me to ramp up my efforts to a full-time job search despite the fact this looked completely undoable at the outset ...Your advice on references was well used ... Because I'd been coached to manage them so well, I knew my references would help my case - which they did.“
  • "I have great news to share with you ... I got the position ... I wanted to let you know that you really inspired me to get going and prepare for the interview. I took all your recommendations into consideration and made them my own ... I really feel without your guidance the result may have been different. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.“

Salary Negotiation

  • "I ended up with a great job ... working 4 days a week making more money than when I worked 5!“
  • "I have just put my resignation letter on my boss's desk and the feeling was indescribable. I have accepted a new job in a management position. I'll now be earning 70% more, so my compensation package will be well into the six-figure range which is what I truly deserve. Thank-you for teaching me how to make moments like this happen.“
  • "The work is exactly what I was looking for, pay's great, hours fantastic, and location is only 30 minutes from home ... Thanks very much for all your help and advice.“
  • "I will be making more $$ than my last job ... I want to thank you for all your help and support during my ‘unemployment phase' - it's been a rough 2.5 months and you have kept me on track (sane) through all of it!“
  • "Thank you for all your help. I found it very useful in helping me to get focused. I will be making $100K and have a bonus on top of that! I am so pleased I finally got my dream job! So thanks for helping me ‘find work I love!'“

Resume Writing Services

  • Well, I did it. I got the first job I applied for. And get this - the first thing the guy said to me on the phone was ‘Nice resume, we really liked the look of it.'“
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I have been getting nothing but very positive feedback on my resume since meeting with you. I recently met a gentleman who lectures at MBA programmes in Human Resources and he had nothing but good things to say. Thanks for all of your help.“
  • "I submitted to our Human Resources recruiter today. I received a call back within 5 minutes with the comment ‘I really like your resume'. :-) Interviews are being scheduled for today and tomorrow!“
  • I wanted to thank you very much for your help with my resume, which I feel was key to getting this contract. Both [my new bosses] said it was good.“
  • "Thank you so much for helping me with my resume. I have been hired ... I am tickled pink!“

Cover Letter Writing

  • "You've helped make what could have been a difficult transition rather smooth with your tools and expertise. My cover letter is especially impressive, receiving glowing comments from my current employer. She said it was one of the best she's read, usually she just scans cover letters for spelling mistakes and then moves on to the resume since most cover letters are so poorly constructed, but she actually read and enjoyed mine. It worked, since I was hired on the spot during my first interview!“
  • "I can't wait to start sending both my resume and cover letter out!!“
  • "I have accepted the position ... thank you for your expertise and the great advice you gave me.“
  • "Thanks again. I really was not sure how to do a professional resume and had avoided the whole deal. The cover letter is great, too.“
  • "Guess what? I HAVE A JOB!!! ... BTW, they absolutely loved the cover letter - thank you very much“

Career Management

  • "I decided to move to a different department. Your help was greatly appreciated in that move.“
  • "I enjoy what I do, our family had our best (and longest vacation ever - 2 months), and I'm back to earning normal money … You were part of the process … thought I'd let you know my success story.“
  • "You have always offered the right mix of knowledge, kicks in the butt, and calling my ‘BS'. It's been appreciated … I was struggling for a long time with those choices … I'm on the right path and excited about what's ahead.“
  • "I felt like I would be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of my life. This program gave me more self-esteem to go ahead with my life. Made me want to get up and get started.“
  • "It felt so good to be able to share your thoughts and ideas with my team! Thanks so much - you're the best.“

Educational Counseling

  • "I moved to pursue my double Masters … I now have my own management consultancy business“
  • "I became a student this month, after 15 years away from the campus world ... Your encouragement was extremely helpful.“
  • "Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help with mapping out my career. Your insights and clarity have really helped me decide on a career direction and I know I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much for everything.“
  • "Your inspiration and help has led me to be enrolled at … College. Thank you for all your thoughts and advice.“
  • "After getting to the top of my field … I left … After working from home for a couple of years, I went back to college. I'll be graduating from … highly acclaimed program. I'm glad you're still around and doing great things.“


  • "Other career [professionals] that I have talked to just seemed intent on taking my money ... Thank you again, you made a real difference.“
  • "A great course and well worth the money.“
  • "Marlene, thank you ever so much. Very worth it.“
  • "It turns out that after one year, your resume still gets me interviews to say the least, and it gives me the credit I deserve.“
  • "I got the job! … I'm really excited ... Thanks for all your help - it was well worth the investment!“