Corporate Programs

I Love My Job!


  • Corporate Consultation with Human Resources Staff
  • Customized Outplacement Services for Dismissed Executives or Staff
  • Private Career Counseling and Coaching Sessions
  • Outplacement Services Include Career Assessment, Career Aptitude Test, Strategic Job Hunting Campaign, Multi-Channel Job Search Methodology, Personal Branding (Resume Writing Services, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles), Interview Rehearsal, and Salary Negotiation

What Clients Say…
(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • "Marlene did an excellent job of assisting in this facility closing. This project involved on-site support at the time of notification followed by individual outplacement services. Services were provided to employees at all levels of the organization (executives to non-exempts). Marlene was very responsible to both the needs of the organization and employees during this transition.“

  • "She was required to motivate and train a fairly discouraged group of clients in self-assessment, transferable skills identification, job search networking, resume preparation, and successful interviewing … Marlene was very successful, with over 80% of the clients finding suitable employment.“

  • "Marlene did an excellent job. Her strong interpersonal skills and ability to quickly understand the needs of the organization and of individuals within won her acceptance at all levels of the organization.“

  • "Her integrity and honesty are beyond reproach … impressed with her abilities and adaptability … has the innovation to improve existing systems when appropriate.“

  • "I was pleased with the content of the workshops Marlene led for us. The details and skills she shared with us helped our participants land jobs in the workplace. I would recommend Ms. Haley’s assistance to anyone searching for employment.“



  • Staff Training
  • University and College Courses
  • Adult Continuing Education Programs
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Guest Lectures

What Clients Say…
(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • "Marlene is one of the best trainers / facilitators I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.“
  • "Marlene Haley is very competent. As a teacher myself I give her high grades.“
  • "Marlene is an extremely well informed, intuitive person who was an excellent facilitator of self-exploration and self-discovery.“
  • "Marlene Haley is an excellent speaker and very inspiring instructor.“
  • "Marlene is a top quality professional. I could not speak highly enough of the instructor, the information or the presentation. The best of many courses I have taken over the years.“


  • Conferences
  • Professional Associations
  • Business Organizations
  • Industry Tradeshows
  • Social Networking Circles
  • Women’s Groups

What Clients Say…
(Due to career counseling & coaching ethics, client confidentiality is strictly protected)

  • "Marlene is very professional. Most impressive. Deserving of many standing ovations.“
  • "The success of the conference would not have been possible without your expertise and participation.“
  • "She’s an excellent speaker / orator / knows her stuff.“
  • "The presenter is great! Able to avoid selling her business while generously sharing her knowledge.“
  • "She is an excellent public speaker, motivator. Very easy to follow and listen to. Makes the atmosphere very comfortable, yet energized.“